Theft in a shop: assisting the professional

Loss Adjusting

A shopkeeper was informed that his shop had been broken into; we accompanied him, taking into account the specificities of his business.


A shopkeeper was informed by their remote surveillance company that his antique shop had been burgled during the night. People had broken into the shop, triggering the security system. The thieves had time to snatch a few things before fleeing. The antique dealer went to the shop. He discovered that his shop window was broken and found that a valuable piece of furniture and his professional computer had disappeared.

He therefore reported the theft to his insurer. The latter told him what provisional measures to take, such as securing the door and sent him the contact details of an approved service provider to deal with the broken window.

The claim management appointment was then sent to TEXA, a subsidiary of the Stelliant Group in Professional Loss Adjusting.

Stelliant’s action

The policyholder received access to his secure customer space on the same day. From there he was able to make an appointment for loss adjustment by video-conference and download the loss report document to list the stolen items.

On the day of the appointment, the antique dealer received an SMS containing a link inviting him to join a video conference call with a loss adjuster. During this call, he was able to discuss with the loss adjuster, present the loss and show several elements, such as the broken door. Together they checked the list of stolen items. The professional then provided the invoices.

Finally, the loss adjuster checked that the shop was properly secured and gave the policyholder some recommendations.

During the video conference call, the loss adjuster was able to take stock of the antiques which had been stolen. Given the complex task of estimating these objects, a specialist went to the shop to estimate the value of the stolen objects as accurately as possible.

The loss adjuster was thus able to establish the amount of compensation and suggest that the customer call in specialists from the Stelliant Disaster Recovery Solutions subsidiary to take care of repairing the window.

TEXA, Stelliant Expertise Pro was able to process this break-and-enter case, coordinating the various specialists and loss adjusters.