For over 30 years, the group Stelliant has been assisting insurance professionals and their policyholders in the assessment of claims. Water damage, theft, fire, climatic events, civil liability, or civil liability following a car accident ... these risks of everyday life disrupt a balance in the private sphere. The mission…

For over 30 years, the group Stelliant has been assisting insurance professionals and their policyholders in the assessment of claims. Water damage, theft, fire, climatic events, civil liability, or civil liability following a car accident ... these risks of everyday life disrupt a balance in the private sphere. The mission of Stelliant Loss Adjuster is to accompany each individual insured in the resolution of claims. In order to offer this local service, the 900 loss adjusters and tele-experts of the Group, trained in our internal schools, are deployed all over France and overseas. In support of insurers and their individual clients, Stelliant Expertise mobilises its specialist or multi-specialist experts for the benefit of the client's experience, throughout the management of the case, in the context of the main property and casualty guarantees relating to the protection of goods: Damage, Civil Liability, Legal Protection, Building Damage, etc.

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Support adapted to the needs of clients and policyholders

To ensure a local, technical and digital service, we deploy teams to serve our customers, organised according to the nature of the claims. Because each client has its own specificities, we strive to implement a “client-centric” organisation. Thanks to our pre-qualification tools, we assign an expert with the best skills to resolve each case. Our teams mobilise technical, legal, insurance and human knowledge in order to determine the causes of the loss, to determine the responsibilities and to evaluate the amount of the damage or loss suffered, all combined in an educational and empathetic manner.

Customer-focused organisation for frequent risks

With more than 150 employees, organised into Customer Service Teams (CSTs) at 6 dedicated sites in France, we offer a single point of management for individuals, while maintaining a human approach. Versatile, autonomous and responsible, these teams guarantee cost control and the ability to manage a high volume of cases in a short space of time and with the highest quality.

This organisation also makes it possible, in the event of Major Events and/or Natural Disasters (CATNAT), to redeploy within 24 hours the necessary resources to respond rapidly to the needs of the people affected, whatever the volumes to be treated.


Tailor-made organisation for specific risks  

The “specific” risks, requiring differentiated approaches, are grouped by specialty areas, with dedicated processes and assistance teams that provide close support to certified and specialised experts in each of the following areas:

  • Legal protection
  • Buildings and programmes
  • Drought
  • Agricultural
  • Medium and high stakes
  • Theft
  • Electrical damage


Management adapted to each case 

Regardless of the frequency of the loss or its extent, our experts are there to assess it and determine the causes. Whether it’s a partial or total fire, simple water damage or damage requiring conservation measures, or a large-scale disaster following a natural disaster, each case is treated in a specific and adapted way with the greatest care, through innovative and digitalized solutions for immediate handling. In order to respond to these situations, Stelliant Loss Adjusting offers, on behalf of private individuals, different types of expertise and a local, technical and digital service, in person or remotely, depending on the nature of the case:

  • Optimised file qualification allowing the file to be assigned to the relevant expert
  • Online file management via a client extranet where the claimant can follow his file step by step and make appointments online or upload documents
  • Online assessment of the claim in relation to the characteristics entered in order to obtain a costing, a compensation proposal or to fill in the loss report in the event of theft.
  • On-site or remote claims assessment by videoconference or tele-expertise.
  • Expertise of major files in project mode (building expert, furniture expert, etc.)
  • Dedicated organisation for EGA and/or “drought” or “theft” files


A culture of innovation at the service of customer relations

With our know-how and our appetite for innovation, we have developed innovative solutions within the Stelliant group to guarantee the individual insured an immediate, digital and intuitive handling of his claim. With the Digiclaims tool, following the declaration of his claim to his insurer, the individual receives access to a dedicated platform via SMS. From this space, they can benefit from a remote expertise and support adapted to the handling of their claim.

Since our inception, we have cultivated pragmatic and efficient innovations that improve the quality of the resolution of problems caused by the occurrence of a loss.

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Stelliant: being present on the entire risk chain

Stelliant’s strength lies in its ability to provide a complete range of offers and services across the entire insurance risk chain.

The multiplicity of activities offered within the Stelliant group makes it possible to provide complementary services and post-loss assistance, to enable the individual insured to return to a similar situation before the loss occurred, such as :

  • Prevention
  • Loss adjusting, unilaterally, or in project mode for high-stakes cases
  • Repair in kind
  • Protective measures such as dewatering, temporary cover, decontamination or any other measure aimed at reducing the impact of the disaster
  • Project management and steering of the various parties involved

The result of a unique combination of know-how, the Group provides insurance professionals and their clients with a comprehensive and modular offer to meet all their needs:

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Stelliant group : our history

Because risk has always been an unexpected, changing, unique event, Stelliant has brought together personalised solutions to meet all needs.


Our values

Throughout our history we have built an empire shaped by values inspired by our DNA, by fundamental principles and by the future of our businesses.


The team

Insurance specialists, sector experts, bilingual administrative teams, building professionals, all complementary skills for tailor-made teams.


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