Management of a product recall

TPA (Third Party Administration)

Following a product recall, Stelliant mobilized a team of 45 people for communication, risk identification and problem resolution. Thanks to this collaboration and a reporting and photo storage platform, 160,000 products were qualified in 6 months, with 15% resolved. Stelliant's intervention allowed for efficient management, preserving the company's reputation and strengthening customer confidence.


After a recall, a company had to manage the communication with consumers, the identification of risks and the resolution of issues related to this recall. To do so, it sought the help of Stelliant.

Stelliant’s action

The Group mobilized a 45-strong consumer relations team, dedicated to communication, risk identification and resolution management. This team of specialists worked closely with the affected company to address consumer concerns following the product recall. In addition, Stelliant provided a reporting and photo storage platform to facilitate the management of recall-related information and incidents.


Thanks to Stelliant’s intervention and the establishment of this consumer relations team, the company was able to effectively manage communication with customers affected by the product recall, identify and assess the associated risks, and resolve the issues efficiently. Within six months, 160,000 products were qualified, of which 15% were identified and resolved. The reporting and photo storage platform also made it easier to manage data and organize the recall process. As a result, the company was able to quickly address incidents and ensure consumer satisfaction. Stelliant Group’s intervention helped preserve the company’s reputation and build customer confidence in the brand.