Disaster Recovery: repairing a home after a fire

After Loss Solutions

A fire broke out in a private home. The fire was quickly brought under control, but left some rooms of the house particularly damaged.


A fire broke out in a family home. The fire was quickly brought under control but left several of the rooms particularly badly damaged. The loss adjuster appointed AAD PHENIX to secure and decontaminate the building and GEOP to repair it.

Stelliant’s action

A project manager was on the spot within 24 hours thanks to the on-call system set up by the Stelliant Group. The goal of this measure, which covers the entire territory (mainland France and Réunion), is to meet our quality, responsiveness and proximity commitments.

Once at the site, given the urgency of the situation, he called in a team of technicians who made the building secure then conducted preparatory work to start decontamination.

With a network of 500 professional repair partners, the teams at Geop, Stelliant Disaster Recovery Solutions were able to manage and coordinate the work to restore the home based on their experience in general building contracting.

Thanks to the dedicated policyholder extranet and its online appointment system, the individual was able to select the day himself for the quantity surveyor in charge of repairs to come and carry out the administrative formalities and for the choice of materials for the next stage in the operations. The work teams set a date with him for the start of the repair work. He was able to change the date by contacting the administrative teams by SMS following a last-minute hitch.

After the fire-damaged areas had been repaired, the policyholder signed a delivery note confirming his satisfaction with the way his case was dealt with overall by the GEOP teams.