Serial claims in the construction sector

Loss Adjusting

Various beneficiaries of Damages-Opening guarantees have noted widespread cracking of photovoltaic roofing membranes.


Several beneficiaries of structural damage warranties noticed generalized cracking in photovoltaic roofing membranes. This concerned more than ten sites throughout France. The cost of repairs for all the sites was estimated at over 10 million euros.

It was in this context that the loss adjusters from Eurisk and CLE, dedicated construction loss adjustment subsidiaries in the Stelliant Group, were appointed to intervene.

Stelliant’s action

In real time and in the light of the declarations of loss received and examined, similar technical problems were identified by the Stelliant Group loss adjuster.

The different declarations of loss were compared, revealing the serial nature of the claims.

Agile project teams were set up to provide a customized solution to a customer’s problem in order to:

  • Examine structural damage statements taking into consideration the serial nature of the claims.
  • Establish the source of the loss and the resulting accountability.
  • Design and cost repair solutions for each of the sites with project teams composed of specialist advisors, from the Stelliant Construction Technical Department, project managers, economists from the construction sector, and the Group’s operational loss adjusters.

Eurisk and CLE, Stelliant Loss Adjusting for Construction pooled their financial, economic, and technical expertise to identify the most suitable repair solutions and reduce the operational loss for the beneficiaries (logistics hubs, the food-processing, and aviation industries, photovoltaic electricity supplier).

The agile management method supported by the Stelliant Loss Adjusting for Construction Technical Department enabled each case to be processed in a serial claim context. Exchanges between the teams and operators who collaborated on these cases was thus simplified.