Engineering & operational management of the crisis

In the future you will rely on luck
or on a crisis engineering specialist?


Put theory into practice by taking advantage of our Group's 30 years of experience in claims management


The only player to support you in any type of crisis.


Access to specialists to help you make the best decision when a crisis occurs.

What problems does
does the offer solve?

There is no such thing as zero risk. Stelliant proposes not to prevent a crisis from occurring but to be ready when it does.
The offer is positioned in two phases:
Map risks and audit existing business continuity plans (cyber, fire)
Anticipate & co-construct a customised solution in line with reality
Deliver recommendations based on the reality on the ground
Steering crisis management via a single point of entry who is the point of contact for the company affected (accessible 24/7)
Repairing and refurbishing: structural diagnostics, repairs, decontamination, decontamination, asbestos removal and reconstruction reinforcement.
Ensuring that the plant can be restarted under optimum conditions to protect people, property, the environment, image and evidence.
Guaranteeing continuous improvement by proposing an assessment and identifying areas for the future, capitalising on the experience gained.

Professional services package

Stelliant offers an omnichannel response
as well as a capacity to project and absorb any crisis.

Consulting engineering
and prevention

  • Audit of business continuity plans (cyber, fire)
  • Restart strategy
  • Post-disaster crisis management engineering

Customer Relations
and TPA

  • Emergency management and incident escalation
  • Proactive communication with customers and relevant authorities
  • Mass outbound call capability and information gathering
  • Personalised case follow-up and technical assistance

Work, repairs and after loss solutions

  • Site management and project management (daily reporting, etc.)
  • Emergency conservation measures (decontamination, asbestos removal, dewatering, industrial cleaning)
  • Renovation, in-kind repairs & non-destructive leak detection
  • Ability to intervene in all environmental aspects (air hygiene, water treatment, waste management and recovery)

The right offer
for you

Each crisis is different, which is why we put together customized solutions to meet your needs.

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    Proof speech

    Operation during an
    asbestos removal operation

    During the removal of asbestos and dismantling of a door boat, Stelliant intervened to treat the water contaminated by asbestos fibers. In collaboration with EMTS, Stelliant deployed its mobile pollution control units and controlled the health risks for people and the environment. Thanks to Stelliant’s expertise and equipment, the polluted water was treated effectively, protecting the health of the workers and preserving the environment of the site.

    Restarting an activity
    after a natural disaster

    After a hailstorm impacting a manufacturer’s plant, the Stelliant group’s teams mobilized to propose a restart strategy and reduce the impact of the operating loss.

    Assistance during
    a health crisis

    The Stelliant group supported the COVID-19 screening efforts. Thanks to their expertise and logistical support, the teams rapidly deployed mobile antigenic and RTPCR screening devices. Their action enabled 600 people to be screened in 4 hours, contributing to optimal care for infected people and effective management of quarantines, thus limiting the spread of the virus.

    Emergency response to a
    to a cyber attack

    An SME in the food industry has just suffered a ransomware attack. Behind this hacking, it is the whole activity of the company which is impacted.

    Management of the impact
    of a judicial recovery

    Following the receivership of a construction project manager, Stelliant mobilized to find a buyer.

    Responding to a
    to a product recall

    Following a product recall, Stelliant mobilized a team of 45 people for communication, risk identification and problem resolution. Thanks to this collaboration and a reporting and photo storage platform, 160,000 products were qualified in 6 months, with 15% resolved. Stelliant’s intervention allowed for efficient management, preserving the company’s reputation and strengthening customer confidence.