Asbestos removal and dismantling of a door boat

Consulting & Risk Management

During the removal of asbestos and dismantling of a door boat, Stelliant intervened to treat the water contaminated by asbestos fibers. The Stelliant group, through its subsidiary EMTS, deployed its mobile pollution control units and controlled the health risks for people and the environment. Thanks to Stelliant's expertise and equipment, the polluted water was treated effectively, thus protecting the health of the workers and preserving the environment of the site.


During an asbestos removal and dismantling operation of a door boat, teams were confronted with the presence of water containing asbestos fibres. To control the health risks for people and the environment of the site, it was crucial to treat this polluted water. It is in this context that Stelliant intervened via its EMTS teams.

Stelliant’s action

Through its subsidiary EMTS, the Stelliant Group deployed its mobile remediation units to treat water contaminated by asbestos fibers. They worked in close collaboration with the companies present on the site to ensure the efficiency and safety of the decontamination process. Their expertise and equipment made it possible to carry out this delicate and crucial operation.


Through the Group’s intervention and the use of its mobile decontamination units, the water contaminated by asbestos fibers was effectively treated. This action made it possible to control the health risks for the people involved in the asbestos removal and dismantling operation, as well as for the site environment. The collaboration between the Group and the companies on site was decisive in ensuring the success of this complex and sensitive operation. In the end, the rapid and professional intervention of the Group’s teams contributed to the protection of people’s health and the preservation of the environment, demonstrating their commitment to environmental and social responsibility.