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Wind-turbine recycling: a challenge for the industry

Loss Adjusting

In this article, Patrick Lubszynski, a Loss Adjuster specialised in renewable energies at Stelliant Loss Adjusting, discusses the lifespan of wind turbines, the technical challenges and the role of insurance…


Building materials shoot up in price – will the average claim spiral too?

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Builders in France are witnessing a surge in material prices at the same time demand outstrips supply. These factors are adding extra complexity to the development of properties and claim…


Insurance obligations on regulated professions

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When sitting down with clients, people working in regulated professions have a duty to advise and inform their clients carefully and completely. Disputes that arise from any failure to discharge…


Is VR the future of insurance?

Loss Adjusting

Virtual reality (VR) is increasingly breaking into our everyday lives. As a genuine tool for boosting productivity, it will have significant impacts on all business sectors, including the insurance industry,…


International assessment: a mix of technicity and project mode

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International appraisal is above all a way of accompanying insurance and large risk customers throughout the world to assist them when one of their insured entities is involved in a…


Railways: paradigm shifts and insurance impacts

Loss Adjusting

Since January 2020, following the opening up of passenger rail transport to competition, the French public railway company has had to reorganise its different entities. Although circular N°3/2001 of 22…


Damage & business interruption: keeping a company economically healthy

Loss Adjusting

Over the last few months, European countries have been hit by unprecedented natural disasters: floods, fires, drought... all of which can impact the economic health of a company, whatever its…


Asset/liability guarantee: an undeniable plus point

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Weakened by the current economic climate, buyout and franchise opportunities are facing two issues: on the one hand, the emergence of a more buyer-friendly market due to the pandemic and…


Electric vehicles & assessment: when technicality rhymes with prevention

Loss Adjusting

Over the last few years, the electric car has grown strongly. Due to ecological and societal changes, there has been a clear increase in the number of registrations of this…