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Consulting & Risk Management Loss Adjusting TPA (Third Party Administration) After Loss Solutions Campus Lab Group
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Loss Adjusting

Audrey – Administrative Manager

In 2015 I join the teams of Clé Expertises, Stelliant Expertise Construction, where I develop until becoming administrative manager. My role is to manage all the administrative tasks of the assistants in collaboration with the experts' manager. The diversity of the tasks makes me unfamiliar with the routine. The technicality to understand the ins and outs of each file allows me to always question myself, which is very stimulating. Moreover, I am very proud of my teams, of the trust we have managed to give each other. We've been able to develop a real team spirit!


Vincent – Project manager – Extranet innovation

My job is to deploy visio-expertise and extranet within the group in order to connect the business and our customers. STELLIANT is an innovative and dynamic group, and the projects are always interesting; it is a real challenge for my teams and myself. I discovered the expertise business by chance and it was a nice surprise because it is in full transformation. A real source of motivation on a daily basis, my ambition is to always improve our processes and the quality that our Group must provide to our clients.

After Loss Solutions

Sandrine – Non Destructive Leakage Research Assistant

Non-destructive leak detection assistant at AAD Phénix, Stelliant Solutions Après Sinistre for the past 2 years, I have been handling files from opening to invoicing. My job is to rigorously qualify a maximum of information in order to schedule the intervention of one of our technicians to ensure a quick intervention at the claimant's home. Our intervention is not only material, it is important to show the disaster victims that everything is done to reassure them and find the best solution for them.


Jordi – Product Owner

I started at Stelliant as a work-study student, where I validated my Master MIAGE-IKSEM at Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. In 2018 I integrated the ISD teams as Product Owner. My job is to be the link between the team of developers and the business line in order to design and implement the new internal application for managing the group's files. My day-to-day work revolves around several pillars: business workshops to define the need, management of the entire lifecycle of the use cases, project management over the iterations, and preparation for the tool's production launch.

Loss Adjusting

Cédric – Frequency loss adjuster

On a day to day life my role is to be the eyes of the insurer when there is a claim. Being a loss adjuster means being diplomatic and listening to both policyholders and insurers. What I like about my job: the diversity of the cases I deal with! We don't know what tomorrow will bring and that's what's stimulating. The synergy provided by the group means that I can discuss the problems encountered in the files with other experts and have a different approach.

Loss Adjusting

Céline – Construction Loss Adjuster – Agency Manager

Being a construction loss adjuster is a job where you never get bored! For more than 5 years now, the diversity of the files I have been dealing with allows me to work in all trades and therefore calls for technical skills; very stimulating for an engineer. Belonging to the STELLIANT group is a real opportunity because it gives us access to the skills of the group's other subsidiaries and allows us to be trained. This is a significant plus for starting a career as a construction expert, where we are supported until we obtain our certification.

After Loss Solutions

Lucie – Quantity surveyor

My job allows me to move all the time. You're constantly on new construction sites and you never know what to expect. I adapt myself to the person, I'm a good listener and I'm never sheltered from several anecdotes on the same site! What's great about my job is that I can do a before and after loss and that we see the policyholders grateful for the quality of our support and our work.

Loss Adjusting

Emmanuelle – Director

My job is very lively because I am always in contact with different people. I particularly appreciate the exchanges and relationships of trust that are established with experts. The role of the assistant is really valued within our group.

Loss Adjusting

Bruno – Directeur

On a daily basis, I manage a team while taking care of business development, but I still manage to spend some of my time managing files! Collaborative work is the key to success at Stelliant. We contribute, at our level, to changing the perception of the insurance industry by promoting our values both internally and externally.