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Global post-disaster management: crisis management, repairs, decontamination, cleaning, dewatering, leak detection, investigations, conservation measures, construction economics, project management, etc.

Global post-disaster management: crisis management, repairs, decontamination, cleaning, dewatering, leak detection, investigations, conservation measures, construction economics, project management, etc.

Full-service solutions for managing and repairing claims

The insurance industry and its customers are looking for solutions to manage and repair incidents in an environment where risks are constantly changing. To do this, the Stelliant group relies on its 30 years of experience in claims management to offer a complete range of post-disaster services. Repair, decontamination, investigations, conservation measures, construction economics, project management, cleaning, drying, leak detection, etc. A single ambition: to exceed our clients’ expectations by offering them value-added solutions after an incident.

Assistance in repairing damage

Policyholders and insurance professionals must be able to rely on responsive, competent and human teams to resolve any incident, no matter how complex or frequent.   

Through its subsidiary GEOP x AAD PHENIX, Stelliant relies on skilled employees in more than 25 building trades. For each of these trades: leak detection, in-kind repairs, decontamination, dewatering, cleaning, etc., our unique software enables us to respond immediately to requests, while optimising the time required to repair a damaged property. With more than 500 employees and nearly 1,000 subcontractors offering 24/7 assistance, the Group benefits from an integrated, nationwide network, enabling us to provide dedicated solutions as well as comprehensive support to meet all needs.

Because we choose to value our employees, we offer training courses, within our internal school, for all these professions with the aim of offering an irreproachable quality of service to our clients.

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A tailor-made offer for construction claims

With the ambition to provide a quality service with added value, the Stelliant group wishes to extend its repair offer to a highly regulated sector: construction. Through our subsidiary Geosynthesis, we offer and carry out technical studies on damaged structures on behalf of insurers, property managers and major project owners. With a staff of around twenty engineers, these specialists in geotechnics, infrastructure and superstructure can, once on site, carry out field diagnoses using state-of-the-art tools and appropriate software.

This technical intervention results in the drafting of an analysis file including economically controlled repair solutions, developed alongside the construction economists of our subsidiary Qantex. The latter are advisors, ready to assist our construction experts within the framework of the CRAC agreement for any project over €25,000, but also in the event of a fire. High-stake projects where they are involved in checking the costings and execution project management.

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An engineering division and cells dedicated to technical investigations

An improved understanding of the occurrence of an incident not only helps to prevent any recurrence of the incident but also to control exposure to future risks.  The implementation of tools and crisis units, coupled with the experience of our engineers and a detailed use of our data, enables teams to put forward technical hypotheses and concrete responses to prevent and manage risks.

When needed, Stelliant can also deploy the highly specialised operational crisis management teams of its subsidiary EMTS. Capable of managing projects from the diagnostic phases to the implementation of means and resources, our subsidiary ensures a resumption of activity in the shortest possible time. With 30 dedicated employees, EMTS benefits from the experience of specialists in the management of complex, high-stakes projects, before or after disasters, in industrial and tertiary environments.

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Because the Group wishes to provide its customers with ever more successful solutions, we offer, via our subsidiary INQUEST, technical investigation services depending on the type of damage:

  • SCCF (Searching for Causes and Circumstances in Fires) : with the know-how and technical skills of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and fire specialists, we use 3D modelling technology to reconstruct fire outbreaks.
  • Consumer goods : to conduct in-depth technical analyses, our teams use our in-house laboratories where the product in question undergoes a battery of tests to determine the causes of the malfunction.
  • Cyber : our experience in cyber incidents allows us to carry out in-depth investigations to understand the mechanisms of the attack and the modus operandi of the hackers.
  • Accidentology: after a car accident, our teams can model the scene of the accident and the deformations made to the vehicles using software. The data collected allows us to validate the results of our accident consultant and to present the client with an animation of the crash

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Stelliant: being present on the entire risk chain

Stelliant’s strength lies in its ability to provide a complete range of offers and services across the entire insurance risk chain. The result of a unique combination of know-how, the Group provides insurance professionals and their clients with a comprehensive and modular offer to meet all their needs:

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Stelliant group : our history

Because risk has always been an unexpected, changing, unique event, Stelliant has brought together personalised solutions to meet all needs.


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