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A dedicated service for risk detection and preventive measures...

A dedicated service for risk detection and preventive measures...

Complete coverage of risk management

With more than 30 years of experience in claims management, Stelliant Group provides companies and insurance professionals with a range of services dedicated to consulting and prevention. Risk management, prevention and incident response, in the face of changes in the insurance world, it is vital today to anticipate and assist our customers in the overall management of their risks. 

Risk management: specialists at your disposal

Faced with a constantly evolving risk environment, companies and risk managers must be able to rely on a partner abble to provide simple solutions to complex problems. Technological, environmental, climatic and industrial risks are all threats which require assistance as close as possible to the problems faced by customers 

With a team of specialists in each sector of activity, Stelliant Group relies on the technical know-how acquired over more than 30 years to provide its customers with comprehensive support in risk management and prevention. 

Consulting, auditing, training, incident response, Stelliant provides solutions adapted to each customer and type of risk. For a better risk management, Stelliant deploys its experience and allows a presence on the entire chain of insurance risk. 

A range of risk management, prevention and post-incident response services

Through the skills of its subsidiary INQUEST, risk management consultant, and by relying on the technicality of its specialists, Stelliant is able to operate at different times: to prevent losses, to avoid their recurrence and to manage risks. 

Management of risks 

Upstream support to map and prioritize internal and external risks specific to an activity. Our teams use their experience and knowledge of issues in various sectors of activity to propose audits and mapping of specific risks (processes, products, etc.). Areas of risk within and outside the company are identified using diagnostic tools, enabling our consultants to measure their consequences and to establish, alongside you, an action and improvement plan to better control them.  


Prevention & Training 

All employees are involved in risk prevention and awareness-raising, not just the director or risk manager. In order to provide tailor-made training, our consultants build training programmes based on concrete claims cases, to raise awareness and prepare clients and their employees for risk management. Because we rely on the Stelliant Group’s 30 years of experience in claims management, we are able to offer training that corresponds to the needs of our clients and their business sector. To facilitate decision-making in a crisis situation, our consultants also develop crisis simulations to place employees in a position to learn how to react.  


Incident response 

Once the risk is realized, Stelliant’s specialists accompany the companies that have entrusted us with the operational management of the incident. From cyber attack to fraud or factory fire, our consultants have the ability to take charge of a dispute as soon as it occurs. By setting up a human and technological system and managing the resources required to respond to all types of large-scale crisis, our consultants provide precise recommendations to reduce the impact of an incident while preventing its recurrence and controlling exposure to future risks.

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A global and modular offer for the entire risk chain

As risk is unforeseen and constantly evolving, the Stelliant Group demonstrates agility, anticipation and creativity to exceed expectations.   

Our subsidiary dedicated to Conseil & Prévention

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