Support in a health crisis


Stelliant Group supported the COVID-19 screening efforts. Thanks to their expertise and logistical support, the teams rapidly deployed mobile antigenic and RTPCR screening devices. Their action enabled 600 people to be screened in 4 hours, contributing to optimal care for infected people and effective management of quarantines, thus limiting the spread of the virus.


The health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic required the implementation of exceptional measures in order to ensure optimal care for infected persons and the management of quarantines. In response to this unprecedented situation, mobile devices for antigenic and RTPCR screening were deployed.

Stelliant’s action

The Stelliant group, through its subsidiary EMTS, has actively participated in this support during the health crisis by providing its expertise and logistical support. In collaboration with the military health services, Stelliant contributed to the installation and operation of mobile screening devices, allowing a rapid and efficient deployment of resources on the ground. Stelliant’s teams have also ensured the training and follow-up of the personnel dedicated to screening, in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of the tests performed.


Thanks to the commitment and mobilization of the Stelliant group’s teams, 600 people were screened in just four hours. This rapid and effective deployment of screening devices contributed to better care for infected people and optimized quarantine management, thus limiting the spread of the virus and protecting the most vulnerable populations. The support provided by the Stelliant group during the COVID-19 health crisis was a determining factor in the success of the screening operations and the management of the pandemic. This collaboration between the various players made it possible to implement appropriate and effective solutions to this exceptional situation.