Stelliant TPA (Third Party Administration)

A tailor-made service to optimise customer relations and the management of insurance operations (contracts / claims)…

A tailor-made service to optimise customer relations and the management of insurance operations (contracts / claims)

Improvement of delegated management and customer relations

In order to meet each specific need of insurance professionals and companies, the Stelliant group relies on its 30 years of experience in claims management to offer solutions for delegated management and optimization of customer relations. By combining business skills, technological innovations and compliance with the regulations in force, we offer a system of support in delegated management, comprehensive or partial, ranging from the delegation of management to outsourcing of activities. Stelliant Delegation offers a range of services over the entire life cycle of customers.    

  • Underwriting & sales of contracts  
  •  Complete management of a portfolio (from the declaration of the claim to the filing of the file)  
  •  Overflow of activity  
  •  Provision of dedicated skills  
  •  Telemarketing solutions  
  •  Strategic omnichannel marketing…   

With the aim of controlling costs and ensuring optimal quality of service, whether they are professionals or individuals, our customers benefit from support that is as close as possible to their needs. With specialists in the world of insurance, bancassurance, real estate, associations and the automotive sector at its disposal, Stelliant Délégation ensures responsiveness and continuity of service in all circumstances. 

Professionals in customer experience and management delegation

With the rise of digital technology and the intensification of regulation, the last few years have seen profound changes. Increased competition, growing legislation and the protection of customer data… Customers are more and more demanding and ask for a real time management and a personalized service. To meet these needs, Stelliant Délégation relies on the skills of its subsidiaries Voxens & Cellinks, both specialists in customer experience and management delegation, in order to provide its partners with flexibility, responsiveness and innovation.

Delegated claims & contract management: what is at stake?

Through the involvement of the 60 employees of its subsidiary Cellinks, Stelliant Délégation acts as a contract and claims manager on a daily basis as a delegate in the insurance market, particularly in the areas of property and casualty insurance, construction and unpaid rent guarantee (GLI). The challenge is twofold: to provide a solution that meets the specificities of customers, while ensuring a high level of service quality. Stelliant Délégation’s teams favour an approach of co-construction of solutions to meet the needs of customers as precisely as possible. Because their problems are at the heart of our concerns, we integrate our customers at every stage, from the study of the need to the implementation of appropriate solutions through optimization, production of performance indicators, and financial management of the portfolio.

To meet these challenges, Stelliant Delegation deploys solutions adapted to all management delegation needs:

  • Controlling fixed and technical costs by optimising the quality of service;
  • Deployment of tailor-made solutions adapted to the DNA of our clients;
  • Intervention and rapid mobilisation to ensure continuity of service;
  • Construction of systems in anticipation of a crisis / Large-scale event (LME);
  • Mobilisation of appropriate technical skills (Individuals, companies, property, liability, motor, business, construction, personal injury, legal, etc.)

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Optimisation of customer relations

Relying on the skills of its subsidiary Voxens, Stelliant Délégation offers omnichannel solutions, covering the entire customer relationship cycle from underwriting to contract management as well as claims and service payments, including customer service. With more than 300 employees, Voxens carries out cross-channel marketing and telemarketing actions covering both B2C and B2B. Available 7 days a week, with 5 dedicated sites and an omnichannel approach, the Voxens teams offer a high level of responsiveness.  Combining cost control, innovation and customer loyalty, Voxens ensures a high level of service quality throughout a customer’s life cycle. Registered with ORIAS, Voxens offers cross-channel marketing actions covering both B2C and B2B. Aware of the challenges of our time, all our services integrate the regulatory dimensions in force (Hamon law, DDA, Bloctel, RGPD…) in order to secure our partners throughout the life cycle of a customer.

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Stelliant: being present on the entire risk chain

Stelliant’s strength lies in its ability to provide a complete range of offers and services across the entire insurance risk chain. The result of a unique combination of know-how, the Group provides insurance professionals and their clients with a comprehensive and modular offer to meet all their needs:

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Stelliant group : our history

Because risk has always been an unexpected, changing, unique event, Stelliant has brought together personalised solutions to meet all needs.


The team

Insurance specialists, sector experts, bilingual administrative teams, building professionals, all complementary skills for tailor-made teams.


Our values

Throughout our history we have built an empire shaped by values inspired by our DNA, by fundamental principles and by the future of our businesses.


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