The culture of expertise and agility to develop talent and reveal potential.

The culture of expertise and agility to develop talent and reveal potential.

People are at the center of the STELLIANT galaxy. The Campus develops talents, reveals potential and encourages a culture of customer service and collaboration.

Developing talent, revealing potential

The Stelliant Group is convinced that the only way to constantly provide the best service is to recruit the best talent and enable them to develop their skills.

Stelliant’s commitment to training aims to enable future talent and today’s loss adjusters to develop flexibly and innovate in an ever-changing environment.

Stelliant Campus has drawn up a whole range of courses designed for all its employees, from new talent to loss adjusters, managers, technical professionals and customer service teams.

In 2019, the Group recorded over 40,000 hours of classroom or distance training completed representing an investment of 3% of the payroll, with the stated ambition of revealing and cultivating all potential.

Shaping the expertise and businesses of tomorrow

Certification course for new loss adjusters:

As soon as each new loss adjuster arrives in the Group, he or she follows a full eight-month training course. During this time, they benefit from pedagogical and practical training in the field with working loss adjusters. To obtain certification, they must present a technical thesis concerning a loss adjustment before a panel.


MySkool, the course for the talent of tomorrow:

Designed for “gems” discovered as they complete their studies, this training course validates and strengthens the knowledge of new graduates by means of theoretical lessons and training in the field and in remote loss adjustment. At the end of the course they also give a presentation before a panel.

Business courses adapted to all our employees

Inspired by the success of its training courses, Stelliant Campus has extended its loss adjuster courses to:

  • Administrative positions and customer service teams. During this short course of 4 modules each lasting 4.5 days, new arrivals are trained to familiarise them with the main insurance contracts, good practices to manage policyholder calls, and empathy.
  • Quantity surveyors, to provide them with specific technical training for sizing and quantifying claims.
  • Non-destructive leak detection professionals. During this course, young employees are trained in the use of innovative leak detection techniques (e.g. laser).


Ulysse, the collective and personalised managerial course:

The Ulysse course is designed to professionalise our 300 managers and enable them help their teams improve their skills, guarantee smooth collaborative work and the operational excellence on which Stelliant’s reputation is built.  In partnership with EM Lyon management school, this programme consists of several modules to support managers from when they join the company and throughout their development:

  • Welcome and familiarise new managers with the company
  • Manage a team and uphold the Group’s strategy
  • Manage the managers
  • Develop as a top manager

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training hours
3 %
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