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Ubiquitous innovation to cultivate agility and innovation and ensure ever better service.

Ubiquitous innovation to cultivate agility and innovation and ensure ever better service.

The world is constantly changing. With Stelliant Lab, we cultivate agility and innovation to provide an ever-improving service.

Creation of the Stelliant lab

The insurance world is undergoing far-reaching change. In response to these changes, the goal of Stelliant Lab is to ascertain and develop our innovation initiatives, on all levels:

  • Innovation in services
  • Innovation in tools
  • Organisational innovation
  • Innovation in models

Innovation in services

Being on the leading edge in services to customers means responding to new issues and anticipating the needs of tomorrow whilst at the same time increasing customer experience. Stelliant Lab is behind several innovative tools intended to offer a more comprehensive service and provide individuals, companies and insurers with simplified risk and claims management:

  • Cibero: An agile platform for added value services to supplement cyber insurance contracts and others taken out by companies.
  • Weakspot: a software solution enabling companies to assess their exposure to risk and map the weak spots in their cyber security which could be the target of an attack.
  • Digiclaims: an application enabling the policyholder or contract handler to qualify and assess a claim and activate the right solution and compensation in just a few clicks.


Innovation for loss adjustment

Daily innovation to assist teams contributes to improving our loss adjustments. Stelliant Lab incorporates technical and equipment innovation into Stelliant loss adjusting (artificial intelligence, drones, image recognition, blockchains, etc.)  facilitating the day-to-day work of our business loss adjusters.

Organisational innovation

In a context where the professional world is multi-faceted and constantly changing, innovating also means rethinking your company. A more agile organisation advocating collective intelligence nurtures the development of its employees and creates fertile ground for innovation.

Stelliant Lab is actively engaged in continuously developing skills, collaborative work and various managerial innovations. This environment, fostering autonomy and responsibility, encourages individual initiatives sparked by a more humane organisation for customer-centric services.

Innovation in models

Innovation on a daily basis is in the Stelliant DNA. Training managers in agile methods, creating internal entrepreneurship, organising hackathons to recruit new talent, setting up innovative models (freemium, market place, subscriptions) are all means and methods Stelliant does its utmost to rethink, and Stelliant models are constantly being redesigned.

Spontaneous and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Stelliant Lab seeks to open up new paths and create the models of tomorrow to be more agile and more efficient.

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Because risk has always been an unexpected, changing, unique event, Stelliant has brought together personalised solutions to meet all needs.


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