An industrial fire interrupts a company’s business

Loss Adjusting

As a result of a fire in the factory of a manufacturer of advanced electronic components, all the production equipment is covered with soot.


Following a fire that broke out in a cutting-edge electronic components manufacturer plant, all the production equipment was covered in soot.

There was an urgent need to act quickly to save this high-precision production equipment. As soot has a corrosive effect, it was a real race against time with a risk standing at over 20 million for the equipment item.

Apart from just the equipment, the policyholder was facing major economic concerns. It needed to:

  • Restart its activity quickly to avoid suffering heavy penalties from its highly demanding customers,
  • Reassure customers and prospects to avoid losing potential contracts in a highly competitive environment

Stelliant’s action

To manage this claim, the Stelliant Group loss adjusters orchestrated large-scale decontamination work. Over 60 electrical technicians were sent onsite in Tunisia to carefully handle the high-tech equipment, working as fast as possible to limit the extent of the damage.

The policyholder was able to get activity up and running again as quickly as possible and saw the amount of damage and its operational loss limited.

With their experience in claim management, the TGS loss adjusters from Stelliant adopted an agile project methodology and developed a relationship of trust with the policyholder and its insurer and co-insurers.

The Stelliant Group loss adjusters pulled out all the stops for this complex, technical file to offer emergency solutions respecting the technical, economic, and insurance prerogatives.

Technical proficiency, respect for local specifics, a great ability to communicate, and mutual trust resulted in the successful completion of this assignment.