Floods: Individuals at the heart of loss management

Loss Adjusting

After a rainfall of the equivalent of three months we took on a policyholder with the aim of restoring the parts of the building to their original state.


In late November, the equivalent of three months of rain fell during a single weekend. This heavy rain caused a river to burst its banks. The policyholder, a home-owner, suffered several types of damage, including flooding of the ground floor and infiltration of water through the roof.

He therefore turned to his insurance to file a declaration of loss.

A state of natural disaster was declared for the municipality where the policyholder lived.

Stelliant’s action

To give policyholders the best possible support, the Stelliant Group teams have designed a quick, intuitive claim process.

The customer received an email containing a link to the extranet site. He uploaded photographs of the loss to this space developed by TEXA, Stelliant Expertise Particuliers, completed and then sent a loss report.

He then made an appointment online with a remote assessor.

The dedicated team at TEXA Customer Services contacted the policyholder to provide fast, personalised support. Being in contact with a dedicated loss adjuster throughout the process to resolve the claim gives peace of mind in complex and often very upsetting situations.

Given the extent of the damage, a loss adjuster visited the house. He was able to recommend the implementation of provisional measures, record the extent of the damage and suggest the most suitable compensation solution.

The policyholder could then finalise the list of damage on the loss report in order to set in motion the compensation of the damaged or lost property.

Finally, the loss adjuster appointed a service provider to set the damaged areas to rights. The provider made an appointment with the policyholder within 24 hours to coordinate the necessary repair operations.

A so-called “frequent” case which illustrates the key values of proximity, appraisal, professionalism and responsiveness shared by the 550 Customer Service loss adjusters at Stelliant Expertise Particuliers.