React promptly in the face of a cyber-attack

Consulting & Risk Management

An SME in the agri-food sector has just suffered an attack by ransomware. Behind this hacking, it is the whole activity of the company which is impacted.


An SME in the agri-food sector had just fallen victim to a ransomware attack. This involves computer “hostage-taking” in which all the data is blocked by software and a ransom is demanded to make it accessible again. In just a few seconds, the company’s entire computer system was locked. It was impossible to save orders or validate them. At this point, the manager contacted INQUEST, a subsidiary of the Stelliant Group working in the Consulting & Prevention field.


As a result of this hacking, the company’s entire business was impacted.

Stelliant’s action

Faced with this emergency situation and the considerable economic stakes, INQUEST immediately mobilised its team of cyber-security experts.

The latter analysed the situation and four hours later, three technicians were sent to the company. 72 hours after notification, a total of 16 technicians were gathered at the site to resolve the situation. Together they worked in shifts throughout the weekend to enable the company to restart its critical systems (order-taking, logistics, order preparation) on the Monday morning.

They were able to resume business at the start of the week.

The rapid intervention of the INQUEST team limited the operational loss.

After the incident had been dealt with, a series of recommendations were made and feedback was given to suggest areas for improvement both in prevention and crisis management

The experts’ technical know-how, teamwork and responsiveness provided an effective, concrete solution to a cyber-loss, taking into account the customer’s business stakes.