Offer tailor-made delegated management

TPA (Third Party Administration)

In order to concentrate its efforts on its commercial development, an insurance company called upon the Cellinks teams, Stelliant Délégation


To focus its efforts on its own commercial development, a large insurance company contacted the teams at Cellinks, Stelliant Delegation, a subsidiary of the Group specializing in the management of insurance programmes for third parties in order to set up a turnkey delegated management solution fully adapted to its organization.

In this way, the company was able to release its employees from management tasks and offer its customer an off-the-shelf solution which was quickly operational.

Anxious to maintain its image as a trusted operator delivering a quality service, the company challenged the teams at Cellinks, Stelliant Delegation with regard to the processing of claims and the quality of the customer process and experience.

Stelliant’s action

To address the insurance company’s issues, the teams at Cellinks, Stelliant Delegation offered business and IT support to set up the delegated management solutions.

To provide even more support, the teams were able to set up a turnkey solution incorporating loss adjustment and in-kind repairs thanks to the synergy of the other businesses in the Stelliant Group.

This customized solution met all the customer’s challenges and business constraints, with the teams at Cellinks, Stelliant Delegation making a contractual commitment with regard to management quality and service levels (SLA).

Within three months, the customer had the full benefit of integrated “white label” solutions covering business support actions, reporting, operational and financial management, and more.

Recurrent reports are issued concerning the activities of the delegated management structure for qualitative and quantitative management of the goals.

The adaptation approach adopted by Cellinks, Stelliant Delegation enabled the customer to develop its activity and focus on its commercial performance goals with the benefit of an increase in its image and customer satisfaction indicators.