Suspension of shooting due to the unavailability of the lead actor

Loss Adjusting

The shooting of a TV movie was interrupted due to the complete unavailability of the main actor following medical reasons.


One week before the end of shooting, the main actor of a TV movie with a production budget of 2.8 M€ was hospitalized in emergency. After consulting with the medical staff, it quickly became clear that he could not resume his role.

Stelliant’s action

Stelliant Corporate Loss Adjusting’s specialists immediately attended at the shooting location to help the insured (the production company) find solutions to “save” the film and thus avoid a total loss.

Once agreement was reached with the director (image rights holder), the screenwriters (copyright holders), the actor’s family, the producer and the broadcaster, it was decided to proceed with the modification of the initial script. Thus, the last scenes could be rewritten and shot without the main actor, the latter intervening in “voice-over” just like he was on the phone.

If this voice-over was for a while considered by a famous imitator, it was finally able to be recorded by the actor himself with home recording in a mobile studio.

The TV movie, approved by the broadcaster, could finally be broadcast on the scheduled date while enjoying a very good audience!