From TGS x GMC to Stelliant Corporate Loss Adjusting

Loss Adjusting

The Stelliant Group is getting a makeover. There's no shortage of evidence, as evidenced by the revelations made with great fanfare during the 28th AMRAE Meetings earlier this month in Deauville. But in fact, what's next?

After AMRAE, ongoing development

It is old news. The Stelliant Group is getting a makeover. There is ample evidence of this, as shown by the announcements made with great fanfare at the 28th AMRAE Risk Management Conference earlier this month at Deauville. So what is the next stage of the operations?

Upcoming changes

The Stelliant Corporate Loss Adjusting branch, currently TGS x GMC, will be deployed as from June 2020. Whether it be loss or public liability, over 200 specialist loss adjusters provide their customers with their skills. This multi-specialist, multi-sectoral loss adjustment offers modular, customised support in project mode with a single address and smooth, effective planning.

A new look, but which will not in any way dampen Stelliant’s desire for complementarity and agility working for all customer segments, professionals and individuals alike, operators in the construction sector and insurers, brokers or mutual benefit companies.