After two years, what’s up to GDPR?

Consulting & Risk Management

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has entered its second year since its introduction at the European level in 2018. So, what is the result of this?

After a successful entry into force marked by increased complaints and corporate accountability, 2020 still faces many challenges, including the challenge of maturing SMEs.

Considered as “a basic tool to ensure individuals better control of their personal data within a legal, fair and transparent framework and to process such data for legitimate purposes“, the members of the European Commission agreed that the GDPR “has achieved its objective successfully” in two years of ensuring the free movement of personal data internally. The EU is particularly strengthening the protection of the personal data of users in the region.

In the event of a breach of personal data, such as after a computer intrusion, the supervisory body will check the precautions taken to ensure the security of the relevant data before taking sanctions.

Any company with personal data should ask about compliance. Of course, for an SME with only 10 people, the benefits to be derived are different: they consider more staff and client profiles than large groups, but their respect can sometimes seem complicated; it is in this context that INQUEST, our subsidiary specializing in risk management and consulting offers its clients of external DPO (Data Protection Officer).