15 steps to protect against cybercrime


With the digital boom, however, cyber risk remains primarily a business risk. In its guide, ANSSI and AMARE share common principles at the European level that will facilitate coordination between Member States.

AMRAE and ANSSI, crusading against digital risk

Cybercrime certainly is an issue of our time. Phishing, ransomware, malware are all dangers against which TGS x GMCStelliant Corporate Loss Adjusting intends to protect itself with INQUEST and Weakspot. These two entities attached to Stelliant are not the only ones displaying real expertise on this issue. Other operators on the insurance scene are also moving to confront these polymorphous risks.

The guide jointly written by AMRAE and ANSSI (the French National Information System Security Agency) has been in the pipeline for several months and was officially presented at the Ferma Forum in Berlin a few weeks ago. Simply entitled “Controlling Digital Risk”, the guide encourages sharing and coordination between countries in the European Union in an ultra-digital world where the digital risk is ever-present for companies.

The Argus de l’Assurance sets out the 15 steps on which this free opus, available in French and English, is based.