Weakspot on the radar of French cybersecurity startups


The Weakspot startup, incubated within our Group and specialized in cybersecurity, has just been listed in the 2020 radar of French cyber start-ups identified by Wavestone and Bpifrance.

Cybersecurity for key accounts

Incubated by the Stelliant group, Weakspot is a cybersecurity start-up. It is aimed at all types of companies with a solution that monitors the entire attack surface on the Internet. It is a non-intrusive automated SaaS solution that complements the external view of the IS by adopting the point of view of an attacker. This is its main feature in the Cyber risk market.

Weakspot is an innovative solution for the market because it is positioned as a complementary tool upstream of existing offers to make better use of them.

On the radar of cybersecurity startups

With its inclusion in the “surveillance” section of Radar 2020, the French cybersecurity startups published by Wavestone in partnership with BPIFrance, Weakspot enters the very closed circle of French companies recognized as specialists in cybersecurity.

One more step towards the objective for 2020: to be identified by the French market as a leading solution in its sector.

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