New synergies in the Maison Stelliant in Bordeaux


It marks a turning point in the integration of the teams with a single ambition: to offer a unified service and be closer to our customers.

TGS x GMC, a successful merger in the Gironde region

At a time of change for Stelliant and all of these entities, TGS and GMC are continuing their adventure together. After meeting and enjoying their first meals together with their counterparts at TGS, the GM Consultant teams based in Bordeaux have moved into Stelliant’s House in this beautiful city known as the “Pearl of Aquitaine”.

In an atmosphere of camaraderie and good humour, all the Stelliant Group employees came bearing local specialities. In these circumstances it was not difficult for everyone to feel part of the team! This paves the way for fantastic future collaboration for us and you in the Bordeaux region, which now benefits from the combined expertise of TGS and GM Consultant.