Emmanuelle DUCHIER-LAPEYRE, “To ensure the company’s image “


Stelliant, presents a series of short videos retracing the daily lives of experts, managers, brokers and insureds. Portraits of men and women who dare to shake up the lines and take a different look at these often misunderstood professions of risk and claims management.

With more than 15 years of experience in communication in BtoB companies, Emmanuelle has a solid experience in managing complex projects for the positioning and brand image of companies. In 2015, she joins GM Consultant, with the mission of setting up the function, clarifying the firm’s positioning and promoting its image in order to support its strong development.

In 2019, following the merger between GM Consultant and Stelliant, Emmanuelle takes over the Marketing and Communication Department of the entire Group. This passionate nature enthusiast combines rigor and creativity on a daily basis!

To ensure the company’s image